Archive Tenders

Sr. No. Title Tender Id Refrence No. Details/Download Date of Issue Last date of Submission Due Date Extended Corrigendum
1 Tender for sea freighting the bust from Delhi to Osaka Kobe Japan 2022_ICCR_642252_1 ICCR/BS/27/2021-22 Download (1.04 MB) No
2 Tender for commissioning bronze bust of mahatma gandhi and swami vivekanand for installation abroad ICCR 2021_ICCR_638688_1 ICCR/B&S/Comm/31/2021-22 Download (2.97 MB) No Download (407.66 KB)
3 Tender notice for commissioing bronze bust of Netaji Subhash for installation in kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2021_ICCR_639506_1 ICCR/BS/Comm/35/2021-22 Download (3.14 MB) Yes Download (427.42 KB)
4 Exhibition of Rokeya Sultana eminent artists invite bids for sound system Light and Led Projector etc at Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi 2021_ICCR_640212_1 Exbn/2021-22/RS Download (538.35 KB) No
5 Exhibition of Rokeya Sultana eminent artists ICCR invite bids for Chairs with white cover etc 2021_ICCR_640216_1 Exbn/2021-22/RS Download (494.59 KB) No
6 Inviting bids for air freighting the bust of Lord Budha from Delhi to Osaka Kobe Japan 2021_ICCR_639871_1 ICCR/BS/27/2021-22 Download (1.34 MB) No
7 Inviting bids for airfreight of 560 kgs household goods from Greater Noida to Moka Mauritius 2021_ICCR_639986_1 Ch/Skt-15/2018-19 Download (528.14 KB) No
8 Tender for making e patrika of Hindi Gagnachal for ICCR 2021_ICCR_637878_1 Hindi/e-patrika/Gagnachal/2021 Download (2.71 MB) No
9 Admin ICCR transport of unaccompanied baggage weighing upto 1120 to 4600 kgs from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur 2021_ICCR_638789_1 . NSCBICC/KualaLampurMalaysia Download (549.5 KB) No
10 Quotation for sea cargo of Statue from Delhi to Houston USA 2021_ICCR_637266_1 ICCR/BS/6/2021-22 Download (1.07 MB) No
11 Quotation for air freighting of statue from Delhi to Zanzibar Tanzania 2021_ICCR_637272_1 ICCR/BS/28/2021-22 Download (1.1 MB) No
12 Inviting bids for organizing the Awards Ceremony ICCR Council require Copper citation and Plaque 2021_ICCR_626399_1 Awards/DAA/2021 Download (615.64 KB) No
13 Quotation for air freighting the busts from Delhi 2021_ICCR_627936_1 ICCR/BandS/2021-22 Download (1.13 MB) No
14 Tender Notice inviting quotation for transport of baggage weighing upto 200 to 400 kgs by air or sea freight from Nasik to Budapest 2021_ICCR_626680_1 ICC/Teachers/2021-22 Download (544.84 KB) No
15 Quotation for commissioning bronze bust of Mahatma Gandhi Rabindranath Tagore Swami Vivekananda FOR installation abroad ICCR 2021_ICCR_621389_1 ICCR/BandS/Comm/2021-22 Download (2.63 MB) No
16 Tender notice for Baggage by Air Cargo from Bangalore to Port of Spain 2021_ICCR_621746_1 Admn/2021-22 Download (716.41 KB) No
17 Inviting bids air freighting the bust from Delhi to Melbourne Australia 2021_ICCR_621728_1 ICCR/BandS/11/AUS/2021-22 Download (1.09 MB) No
18 The ICCR is in the process of sending a consignment of artworks (door to door) from New Delhi to Truin (italy). 2521_ICCR_620169_1 ICCR/Exbn/14/2020 Download (6.99 MB) No Download (12.12 MB)
19 Tender notice for commissioning of bust of Pt Ravi Shankar in Grey or Black colour for installation abroad 2021_ICCR_615650_1 ICCR/BS/Spain-14/2020-21 Download (2.34 MB) No Download (1.64 MB)
20 Scanning and Digitizing Services for uploading data on E Library of ICCR on E Library 2021_ICCR_595446_1 ICCR/Lib/SP/20-21/e-Granth Download (12.08 MB) Yes Download (423.45 KB)