One of Council’s objectives is to sponsor performing artists to propagate Indian Culture abroad. To full fill this purpose the Council empanels artists in various art forms i.e Classical and Folk dances of India, Hindustani and Carnatic vocal, Instrumental music, Theatre and Puppetry and Modern Experimental work of dance and music. Artists above 18 years are eligible to apply and should follow procedure laid down in the guidelines. Applications are invited throughout the year.

Expert Sub-Committees meet annually to screen the applications. The Expert Sub Committee plays a pivotal role in preparing a pool of talented artists from different fields of Performing Arts in India. The Council seeks the help of eminent experts to recommend the best talent available from the requests received in the Council from time to time.

The Council draws from the pool of artists to be considered to represent India in their respective art form to promote and propagate abroad the rich and diverse cultural traditions of India.