Indian Chairs Abroad

Since 70's, ICCR has been establishing Chairs of Indian Studies at various foreign universities/institutions. The objective is to generate interest in India amongst foreign students. Chair of Indian Studies also create greater understanding about India and Indian civilization amongst the global community of academic and thought leaders. The academics/scholars deputed to these Chairs not only teach courses on various aspects of Indian studies ranging from political science, economics to society & culture i.e. the specific disciplines for which they are sent, but also leave pronounced footprints all over the world and thus help in a better understanding of India as a whole. This is one of the most important academically influential programmes which is based on concluding MoUs with foreign universities to facilitate teaching about Indian studies, Hindi, Sanskrit and other Indian languages to faculties/students of those universities, creating thereby an exponential impact regarding awareness about India and its heritage.

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List of ICCR Operational Chairs

List of ICCR Operational Chairs
Sr.No. Country University/Institute & City
1. Bulgaria Sofia University, Sofia
2. Croatia University of Zagreb, Zagreb
3. Poland Warsaw University, Warsaw
4. Switzerland University of Lausanne, Lausanne
5. Trinidad & Tobago University of West Indies, Port of Spain
6. Turkey Ankara University, Ankara
7. China Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai
8. Italy O, Nepals University Rome
9. Bangladesh Dhaka University
10. Mauritius Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka
11. China Shenzhen University
12. Indonesia Mahendradatta University, Bali
13. Sri Lanka University of Kelaniya
14. Morocco Mohd. V. University
15. Jordan University of Jordan
16. Iceland University of Iceland
17 Spain Valladolid University, Valladolid
18 Hungary ELTE University
19 Tajikistan Tajik National University, Dushanbe
20 Serbia University of Novi Sad
21. China Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,Guangdong
22. Turkmenistan Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, Ashgabat
23. Thailand Thammasat University, Bangkok
24. Romania Bucharest University
25. Sudan AL Zaiem Al Azhari University
26. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan University of Language
27. Mauritius Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka
28. Thailand Silpakorn University, Bangkok
29. Indonesia Udayana University
30. Bangladesh University of Dhaka, Dhaka
31. Canada Carleton University, Ottawa
32. Germany Rotating Chair
33. Germany Rotating Chair
34 Germany Rotating Chair
35. Germany Rotating Chair
36. Germany Rotating Chair
37. Netherlands Leiden University, The Hague
38. Sri Lanka* University of Colombo, Colombo
39 Trinidad & Tobago University of West Indies, Port of Spain
40. Vietnam University of Social Sciences & Humanities,HCM City
41. India Centre for African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
42. Australia Monash University, Melbourne
43. Canada Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
44. Jamaica University of West Indies, Kingston
45. Lebanon Lebanese American University
46 Tanzania Dar-Es-Salaam University
47. Cambodia Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University, Phnom Penh
48. Austria University of Vienna, Vienna
49. New Zealand Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
50. USA Rutgers State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick
51. Portugal University of Lisbon
52 Papua New Guinea PNG university of technology
53. Japan Reitaku University
54. Poland Jagiellonian University
55 Poland Warsaw University, Warsaw
56 Morocco Mohd. V. University
57 Australia University of Wollongong
58 Ireland Dublin City University
59 Palestine Al-Quds University, Abu Dis
60 USA University of Pittsburgh
61 Philippines University of Philippines
62. U.K. King's College
63. Denmark University of Copenhagen
64. Germany Heidelberg University
65. Bangladesh Dhaka University
66 Thailand Chiang Mai University
67. Ukraine Taaras Shevchenko National University
68. Finland University of Helsinki
69 Nigeria Umaru Musa Ya'adua University