Painting Exhibition (KALEIDOSCOPE)
By the Ukrainian Artist & Designer
Halyna Chaudhary                                         click here to download invitation

Inauguration of the Exhibition: 27th February, 2017 at 5.00pm

Chief Guest: Sh. Amarendra Khatua, Director General, ICCR


ABOUT ARTIST (Halyna Chaudhary)


Born in Ukraine in 1962, developed interest for painting at an early age while keenly observing her elder brother during his work, who became her rst Art teacher.
From the age of 12, she studied in Art School where she participated in many Junior Art competitions and exhibitions.

In Lviv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts, she learnt sculpture, drawing, painting, composition, history of Art, textile design and technology.During study, she wrote her research thesis on the subject 'Indian Textiles through the Ages'. After receiving Diploma in textile design, she worked as Textile Designer in textile company 'Texterno' in Ternopil, Ukraine. But she kept painting all this while and several of her works are in private collection in Poland.

Indian literature inspired Halyna Chaudhary to create a series of pictorial studies on Indian life. Love for Indian culture and philosophy drove her to India. She studied classicaldance Kathak from Pandit Birju Maharaj's school 'Kalashram' through ICCR scholarship during 1999-2002. After her marriage, she has been residing permanently in India since 2006 and hasworked in the Delhi branch of the Oxford University Press making illustrations for the ction of Jim Corbett, British and American classical poetry, Russian folk tales,Geographic Atlas etc. Intensive travel across the length and breadth of India resulted in several paintings on Indian Landscape.The exhibition also displays multiple drawings and paintings dating back to her student days in Lviv aptly demonstrating her solid classical background - a window into the European academic tradition of painting. She has named this exhibition as Kaleidoscope as it contains different subjects and different mediums like water colour, poster colour, photo colour, tempera and oil painting.